How Peak Found John Deere a Quality Sales & Ops Manager To Run 3 Busy Branches

How Peak Found John Deere a Quality Sales & Ops Manager 

to Run 3 Busy Branches

SITUATION: When a tenured sales manager left John Deere’s Ontario operations, three of their critical branches lost their manager. Given the diversity of needs for heavy equipment in the area — agricultural, snow removal, construction and services — these branches do not have a slow period; they’re busy year-round. 
SOLUTION: With the national corporate headquarters located in Quebec, Deere was left to manage this important part of their Canadian business remotely. The company approached Peak Sales for help in locating and hiring a gifted sales and operational leader. 
RESULTS: With its diversified industrial base, Ottawa promised fertile ground for the search. Finding someone with these dual — and somewhat opposite skill sets — promised to be more difficult.


Cierra Campeau