How To Fill Your Next Generation of Sales C Suite Roles

The sales profession is getting more specialized than ever before. Large organizations have chief revenue officers, vice presidents, directors, and individual contributors. That’s not all. Customer success, sales operations, and sales engineering are growing rapidly to help sell more complex products.

How To Make Progress On Your Sales Goal Without A Sales Leader

What happens when your key sales leader leaves the organization? In a best-case scenario, this is an opportunity for renewal and new ideas. In a worst-case scenario, the company may miss crucial sales goals. Missing those revenue goals can have a cascading effect on the rest of the company.

Augment Your Recruiting Strategy During “The Great Resignation”

Augment Your Recruiting Strategy During “The Great Resignation” The Great Resignation is here. It is impacting many employers who are scrambling to retain their employees. Several factors are driving this challenge across the economy. After a year of elevated stress thanks to the Great Resignation, many professionals are leaving their positions.

How Peak Found John Deere a Quality Sales & Ops Manager To Run 3 Busy Branches

How To Add A Sales Plan Presentation to Your Sales VP Hiring Process You have a shortlist of candidates for your next sales leadership position. Choosing between candidates based on a few interview meetings is risky. You need to understand how the candidate’s leadership skills and strategic thinking will apply to your context.

How To Develop And Update Your Sales Leadership Succession Plan In 2021

How To Develop And Update Your Sales Leadership Succession Plan In 2021 What if your VP of Sales or star sales manager left for a new job tomorrow? Your sales team might be thrown into chaos. Sales is a highly competitive profession, so it pays to be prepared in advance with a succession plan.

Initial CRO Found for International Service Firm

Initial CRO Found For International Service Firm Success breeds success: In the end, CogencyGlobal made a single offer, which was accepted. From initial contact with Peak Sales Executive Search to the candidate’s acceptance of the offer, was under 120 days.