How To Run An Effective Sales Contest

Sales contests are a proven way to create excitement in the sales team. They add variety to the year and help to make the day to day of sales more exciting. It’s essential to be thoughtful when creating your sales contest. With the wrong approach, it’s more than possible to create harmful incentives and hurt team morale. Use this guide to design a sales contest that delivers excitement without any of the side effects!

Sales Director Salaries By Region And Experience [2022 Data]

Competitive compensation is critical to attracting and retaining sales directors in 2022. Use the industry data in this post to help you calibrate your compensation. Inflation and intense competition for sales talent pressure companies to offer robust compensation.

How To Grow And Develop Gen Z Salespeople

Generation Z salespeople are the future of the sales profession. Recruiting and developing this generation of talent requires new approaches. Peak Sales Executive Search has a track record of finding sales managers and executives for clients in technology, industrial sales, and other sectors.

Why Your Sales Hiring Needs More Than Interviews

Imagine you’re about to hire your next VP of Sales. It’s essential to take time to make a thoughtful decision. Traditional job interviewing is not enough to make an informed decision. Instead, we recommend using practical assessments.

How To Launch International Sales Expansion in 90 Days

Expanding your company to a new country is one of the most exciting ways to grow. Expanding to a neighboring country is one approach… But what if you are planning a more ambitious expansion like opening your first office in the United States?
Foreign Investment In The US Is Booming…

CRO vs. VP Sales: Responsibilities, Pay & When To Hire

VP of Sales Vs. Chief Revenue Officer By The Numbers
To compare these two job roles, we turned to LinkedIn to see which one is more popular. Our findings might surprise you if you live and work in the technology industry.
Are you hiring a chief revenue officer and a VP of Sales to grow your business? These two sales leadership roles have common ground.

Peak Secures U.S. Sales Team for

They came to Peak to guide them through the recruitment process.
Building A US Based Sales Team chose Peak through a competitive bid process. The startup laid out three new specific roles they needed to recruit to achieve their growth goals in the US.

VP Sales Salaries by Industry in 2022

The vice president of sales is a key player in any organization — although in some industries you’ll find more than one per company. Charged with meeting the revenue goals, hiring, organizing and overseeing the sales force, the required skill set is both extensive and unusual.